Our Workshop has come to an end. Thank to all those who participated, supported and donated! We appreciate you. See our highlights below.

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Join us at the second LIVE BIG Writing Workshop! In this workshop we'll be writing and using other forms of creative expression to guide us into LIVING BIG. What is LIVING BIG? LIVING BIG is an individual goal(s). LIVING BIG is about giving yourself permission to do what YOU want to do but have been holding back. LIVING BIG is about YOU and ONLY YOU. 

By the end of this workshop you:

- will be closer to claiming your LIVE BIG goal(s) in order to realize them.
- will have explored what it is that YOU need in order to realize your goal(s). 
- will have a whole new community of LIVE BIG supporters cheering you on.
- will have the TOOLS needed to continue on your LIVE BIG journey and a space to share the progress and successes of your LIVE BIG goal(s) (the FB Live Big Girl Page).

This writing workshop will focus on self-love, self-acceptance, relationships and other topics addressed in the "Live Big Girl" play. These are your TOOLS! Come! Join us and add on to your toolbox! 


Every Other Sunday for 2 hours beginning on February 11th 2018. 


a total of 7 sessions including a culminating event/project. 

Where? Studio Id in the Bronx. 

Cost- $60.00 for the 7 sessions. Individual drop in session $15.00. 


© 2018 A Live Big Project 

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